What We Do

Using an evidence-based approach, we intend to establish Wellbeing and Resilience as a reliable, effective measure of positive mental health in the community and social progress.

  • We lead, measure, build, embed and evaluate wellbeing initiatives in citizens across the life course: young people, families, community, elders, and the workplace
  • We instigate life course measurement and intervention projects and research, using positive psychology frameworks. 
  • Conduct and publish research in wellbeing science 
  • Attract global leaders in wellbeing science to South Australia
  • Conduct public lectures and events

The SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre incorporates Dr Martin Seligman's PERMA dashboard (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) PLUS, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Optimism, to measure and build wellbeing. The PLUS constructs have been added in response to consultations with global experts in wellbeing measurement, who have indicated that this will provide a more comprehensive evaluation of individual and societal wellbeing.


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