Resilience Skills Program Outline

Resilience is the ability to withstand, recover, and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands – both positive and negative. Being resilient allows people to develop better coping strategies and a productive view of their current situation and their future.


Over two days, the training will cover:

  • Introduction to resilience: The science of resilience - how you and your colleagues can grow and even thrive in the face of adversity.
  • Resilient thinking: Covers three cognitive behavioural skills that help you develop realistic approaches to problems and adversities. These skills focus on strategies to evaluate the accuracy of personal beliefs and how those beliefs are linked to your emotional and physical reactions. You can put these skills into practice during reflective exercises and begin to develop your own positive coping strategies for facing stressful situations more productively.
  • Cultivating positive emotions and engagement: You will learn more about the science of neuroplasticity, and how to use it for personal and professional benefit. This includes the science and practice of gratitude and mindfulness, which help us connect positively with ourselves, our workplace and the world around us.
  • Building social connections: Research shows that our relationships are critical for resilience. In this section, you will learn skills related to reflective and active listening, navigating interpersonal conflict, and how to provide support to others to build positive social networks at home and at work.
  • Meaning, purpose and values: These skills focus on big-picture questions about how you and we together, create meaning, how we define our character strengths and core values, and how to use these understandings to achieve goals, to recover from challenges and celebrate our accomplishments. 

When participating in activities and worksheets throughout the training, we ask you to think of small adversities you have experienced in everyday life. We understand people have experienced challenging times in their lives, however, for the purpose of these 2 days, we ask you to only think about small adversities, not big adversities. Some examples include:

  • Someone cuts you off whilst driving
  • You’re working on an important document and your computer crashes 
  • Missing out on a promotion at work


Whilst the focus of the training is on managing these small adversities, you might experience heightened awareness of stress and emotion when recalling past challenges. If you have any concerns on whether this training may be suitable, please contact us on or 08 8128 4171.


Resilience Skills Training promotes positive mental health and resilience. The course is not designed as a therapeutic intervention.


Next Training


13 & 14 November 2019



SAHMRI Auditorium, SAHMRI North Terrace, Adelaide


9am to 4:30pm


Individual: $750 (ex-GST) per person
Group*: $650 (ex-GST) per person
* Group rate applies to four or more people in the same registration.
All prices are ex-GST and include 2 day training program, all course materials, lunch and light refreshments.