Resilience Training

The SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre has partnered with TechWerks to offer Resilience Training in South Australia and build local capacity to deliver skills, which serve as the building blocks for wellbeing. 

TechWerks has extensive experience providing resilience training to military personnel and family members, and has partnered with academics from leading research institutions to implement the Army’s inaugural online resilience training modules for 1.1 million active duty soldiers. TechWerks Director of Health Strategy, Brigadier General (ret.) Rhonda Cornum previously served as Director of the US Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness initiative, one of the world’s largest resilience training programs. 

Resilience — or the ability to withstand, recover, and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands — is not one specific skill; it is a set of resources and skills that promotes effective problem-solving, adaptability, positive coping, self-regulation, and social support. 

TechWerks Resilience programs are practical, backed by science, and designed to provide concrete skills that participants can begin using immediately. Each of the skill areas includes interactive activities, and the modules are designed to be multimodal and interactive.

TechWerks has collaborated with a range of academic experts and esteemed researchers such as Professor Barbara Fredrickson (social psychologist conducting research on emotions and positive psychology at the University of North Carolina) Professor John Cacioppo (one of the founders of social neuroscience, now at the University of Chicago), Dr Sara Algoe (University of North Carolina), and Dr Sean Hannah (Wake Forest University and Colonel (ret.), US Army).

This program has an emphasis on skills transmission, allowing participants who successfully complete training to return to their organisations and deliver a number of skills as part of in-house wellbeing or professional development programs. 

The SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre and TechWerks offer a five-day resilience skills training course, which includes three days of skills delivery and two days of teachbacks, to enable participants to train the skills WITHIN their organisation.

Course modules include:

Introduction to Resilience: provides an overview of the science related to resilience, an overview of the curriculum.  The goal of the module is to provide an overview of the skills that can build resilience and highlight that people can grow and thrive in the face of adversity.

Resilient Thinking: This module focuses on cognitive skills that help participants develop positive coping skills and deal with anxiety and stress.  Skills are based on positive psychology and social cognitive learning theory and are designed to help participants recognise that their beliefs about events can affect how they react and respond. Skills focus on helping participants evaluate the accuracy of their beliefs (and how those beliefs are linked to their emotional and physical reactions), building realistic optimism, and developing realistic appraisals of the source of problems. Skills will include:

  • Cultivating gratitude and realistic optimism
  • Understanding that emotions and behaviours are triggered by how we interpret events
  • Reframing your thinking to take purposeful action

Purpose and Meaning Making: In this module, participants will learn how their values can help us accomplish goals and find a sense of meaning. This unit will also focus on teaching various forms of mindfulness, which is a way to maintain connection to core values.  Skills will include:

  • Understanding purpose and values
  • Developing mindfulness
  • Making meaning of adversity
  • Capitalising on strengths

Social Connections: Building social relationships is critical for resilience. In this module, participants learn skills related to reflective and active listening, navigating interpersonal conflict, and how to provide social support.  Skills will include:

  • Building social support during good times and during adversity
  • Strengthening community connections
  • Developing mindfulness
  • Making meaning of adversity
  • Capitalising on strengths

Training resilience skills: participants will have an opportunity to learn how to deliver the resilience skills learned during the first three days, to enable them to train the content within their organisation.

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