Our Approach

We have a tested methodology to achieve sustained, systematic improvements in wellbeing and resilience in individuals and organisations at any scale.


Project Framework for a Sustainable Systems Approach

We have developed and tested a sustainable systems approach which generates proven results. The LIMBER methodology of behaviour change - Lead, Initiate, Measure, Build, Embed, Research – drives the deliberate development and implementation of wellbeing and resilience in whole systems at any scale, adaptable to any type of organisation or community.


LEAD & INITIATE a “top down and bottom up” organisaitonal culture change with a common language for wellbeing and resilience, starting with CEO and Executive Leadership. This phase delivers a targeted, practical plan co-delivered with your team, over the life of the project.

MEASURE the wellbeing of staff using the validated online Complete Mental Health platform, which delivers individual and organisational reports, underpinning KPIs and ROI assessment.

BUILD resilience skills by exposing staff to the initial Resilience Skills Training delivered by the Centre or in-house trainers.

EMBED wellbeing and resilience through positive organisational culture change with a deeper dive into wellbeing science on offer.

RESEARCH theoretical multidisciplinary wellbeing knowledge in specific applied settings to advance wellbeing translation at scale, across the lifecourse and generate impact. 

These services are delivered by experienced Project Managers.