Building Capability

Since 2012, South Australians have been building new capabilities in positive psychology. A number of prestigious organisations have been involved in delivering training to over 800 public and private sector leaders, teachers, health workers, families and individuals. These organisations include the University of Pennsylvania (Penn Resiliency Program) Positive Education Institute at Geelong Grammar, University of Melbourne (Graduate School of Education), Positivity Institute and the Techwerks Resiliencewerks Program.

There have been many suppliers of positive psychology skills and education coming to South Australia in answer to the demand for positive psychology training.

Our goal is to build the knowledge and capacity for positive psychology skills and education across the state into the DNA of our culture. For that to occur we need a large scale capability to measure, build and evaluate wellbeing projects.

We need our local educational institutions to train researchers, teachers, community service and health workers, as well as organisations in the science of positive psychology and ensure that everyone shares the commitment to the research and evidence. 

South Australia is building the largest integrated system for skills and education about positive psychology in the world.

From Certificate 2 within the vocational education system to Masters and PHD qualifications, there will be many pathways to enable people, teachers, academics, researchers and all individuals interested in positive psychology to take part in tertiary education.  It is our goal that students of aged care, community services, youth work, corrections, health and physical activity will also receive introductory positive psychology courses in their basic vocational training across the state.


"The Techwerks training is amongst the best I have undertaken. The power of this training is in the academic rigor underpinning its structure,  the content and the skills taught being immediately useful. The experience of now delivering this training to my colleagues and their feedback has confirmed to me its quality. I look forward to continued training and learning with my colleagues for our professional, personal and organisational wellbeing." 

Anne Hinkley-Tyler - ac care - Mount Gambier