Gabrielle Kelly, Director

Gabrielle Kelly is the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre's inaugural Director. Film-maker, digital media executive, social entrepreneur and strategist, she has been working on human behaviour and systems change in a range of settings. 

She was Senior Vice President of the New York-based digital start up Health Accord, where she developed health and wellbeing products to self-directed health consumers, before being appointed as Director of the ground-breaking Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program. The Adelaide Thinkers Program was an internationally respected innovation incubator, which resulted in significant advances in city design, advanced manufacturing, early childhood education, and positive psychology within South Australia. 

Gabrielle's work at 'Thinkers' laid the groundwork for what was to become the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, when she commissioned and led the Professor Martin Seligman residency in South Australia, attracting a range of high-profile partners to explore the value of positive psychology in building mental wellbeing and resilience and reducing mental illness at a societal level. 

gabrielle kelly

gabrielle kelly


David Kelly, Project Lead, Ageing, Youth and Communities

David Kelly is an experienced strategist and program planner with a 30-year commitment to working with disempowered communities. In the non-government sector, in local and state government and in his own business, he has achieved national recognition for creativity and innovation in community development and aged care. 

His success is based on the deeply held belief that communities change for the better when citizens of all ages are active and creative participants in community development processes rather than passive consumers of services.

David is the principal of David Kelly and Associates – a company he established in 2002 with specialisations in program planning, strategy and organisational development in the ageing and community sectors. He completed a two-year term term as deputy CEO of the Australian Centre for Social Innovation before joining the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre to lead the development of Ageing, Youth and Community projects.

david kelly

david kelly

Annette Bulling, Project Lead, Education

Working to extend the boundaries of inclusion and promote engagement and empowerment in education and community has been the focus of Annette’s 30-year career. Annette has worked as an educator, counsellor, policy advisor, trainer and education consultant in a range of settings in Australia and overseas, providing flexible learning opportunities that promote life-long learning, wellbeing and resilience for young people from diverse backgrounds and identities.


Trish Hansen, Project Lead, Business Development and Organisations

Trish has had successful careers in health, strategy, art and culture.  As Senior Clinician, Chief Executive Officer, consultant, ministerial and bureaucrat roles as well as a Board Director for various not-for-profits, Trish has initiated and led many projects and programs in the tertiary adult and paediatric health sector and more recently in the arts/cultural sector particularly in relation to creative cities, public art and urban life.  Trish is currently the President of the Australian Institute of Urban Studies – South Australia and is currently undertaking a Master of International Development.


Brent Reilly, Project Manager

Brent is a retired AFL footballer who played 203 games and is a Life Member of the Adelaide Football Club. He was forced to retire because of a horrendous training accident where he suffered a fractured skull and missed the entire 2015 season. Brent has now gone down a different path and is working at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute where he is involved in project work with the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre in the Mind and Brain theme. He is also Project Manager for Project Discovery, which is involved in diagnosis and prognosis for concussion and spinal cord injury, also in the Mind and Brain theme.


Matthew Iasiello, Project Coordinator

matthew iasiello

matthew iasiello

Matthew Iasiello completed a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Adelaide in 2011. After a few years establishing a small business, Matthew completed his Honours in Health Science in 2014, working at the Basil Hetzel Institute with the Breast Cancer Research Unit.

Matthew then joined the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Mind and Brain theme as a research assistant, before joining the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre as a project co-ordinator. Matthew’s work at SAHMRI is primarily focused on the Resilient Futures project, a $1.3 million philanthropically funded initiative to measure and build the wellbeing of 850 disengaged young people from the most disadvantaged areas of South Australia. 


Gina Raisin, Consultant - based in Mount Gambier

Gina Raisin has extensive experience in media, community development, local government and event management. Gina has completed the Certificate 1 and 2 of the Techwerks Resilience training in preparation for the rollout of wellbeing and resilience programs in rural and regional South Australia.

Gina's passion for creative solutions in community building came to the fore during her almost 10 years as Community and Events Manager at the City of Mount Gambier. During this time she managed and supported a wide variety of programs and projects including those in the public health sphere. 

gina raisin

gina raisin