Professor Martin Seligman outlines the meaning of PERMA as an acronym for psychological wellbeing.

Professor Martin Seligman outlines the benefits of wellbeing at the level of a whole state.

Professor Martin Seligman discusses the benefits of teaching wellbeing and resilience skills to teachers

US Army veteran and resilience expert Brig General (ret) Rhonda Cornum discusses her background and the important role resilient thinking has played in her life.

Brig General (ret) Rhonda Cornum describes the benefits of acquiring resilient thinking skills.

Hon Jay Weatherill, MP, Premier of South Australia launching the 2012/13 Adelaide Thinkers in Residence Report, authored by Dr Martin Seligman.

Darren Coppin, Chief Executive & Head of Research at Esher House discusses welfare and wellbeing.

Rhonda Cormun describes the rigours involved in the measurement of outcomes in the US Army Psychological Fitness Program.

Dr Jorg Strobel, Clinical Director, SA Country Health on learning wellbeing and resilience skills.

Participants from a SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre training talk about the benefits of the training.

Manufacturing workers participating in a SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre workshop share their impressions of the training.

Participants of a resilience training for manufacturing workers from Adelaide's northern areas share their impressions of the workshop.

Professor Felicia Huppert, Founding Director of the Cambridge University Well-Being Centre talks about Wellbeing and Mindfulness at SAHMRI in 2014

Dr Martin Seligman's Positive Psychology keynote address, presented at the Adelaide Hilton in March 2012

Esher House CEO Darren Coppin at the Wellbeing and Resilience Symposium at SAHMRI in March 2014