For the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, the capacity to flourish, to thrive, to live a good life, are the concepts that lie at the heart of wellbeing for older people. Most importantly, the Commonwealth aged care reform agenda is explicit in its focus on wellbeing, independence and participation in community life and these concepts underpin a range of projects being undertaken by the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre in the aged care domain.

In community aged care, the Centre is working in partnership with 7 metropolitan Councils to measure and build wellbeing amongst older people. In the first stage, 250 older people who receive community aged care services have completed the PERMA+ Wellbeing survey and receive a personal wellbeing report.

The second phase of the model involves the transfer of validated skills and strategies that build wellbeing and resilience. Using a train the trainer model, Council staff will undertake Wellbeing and Resilience training and these skills will then be taught to a subgroup of 100 participants. The final phase of the project model involves the integration of resilience and wellbeing skills into the day-to-day lives of training participants through civic participation, social support and volunteering opportunities that are available in their local communities. 

The early outcomes of this project are so successful that the project model is being adapted for application in the Limestone Coast region.

The Centre is also collaborating with a number of residential aged care providers to consolidate change making and reform efforts through the adoption of the PERMA+

Measure/Build/Embed methodology. This approach focuses on measuring and building wellbeing and resilience amongst staff as the first stage in improving wellbeing for residents their families and carers.



Older South Australians describe how the incorporation PERMA into their lives.

Older South Australians talk about the benefits of learning PERMA+ skills